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Maha Path

                                    ––Sumaru Ray

   In reality, the path of moving in ‘Maha (great) life’ are not many – path is one, leaving behind the starting point, we all are progressing forward. This long path’s separate parts have separate names, different – different form – structure. We each person is in one – one part. In one – one part of this long path, some are moving sticking to left, some are sticking to right, or some are sticking to middle of road and proceeding forward. Consciously or unconsciously we all are proceeding on the same path – towards the target of blooming of consciousness – blooming of Mind.


Eternal Lover

                                     ––Gouri Sankar

                  A person can’t be made eternal lover by force, even if s / he desires also, it is not possible. If a person has necessary structure – components – to be eternal lover, and if one develops sufficiently, then only s / he can be an eternal lover. If a person has everything, but in spite of that, s / he is not developed because of environment, situation, or even if expressed, it is full of faults or polluted, or if s / he is mixed up with previous conscious mind, in that case suitable lesson – practice –  environment – good company will develop and purify the person.



More about Yoga
                                    ---Abhijit Roy

 ‘Yoga’ is a very old procedure of self development and self treatment, created by a few sages in ancient time in India. Here, Maha Anand has described about this ‘yoga’, which was originated in India. The term ‘yoga’ is Indian. If there is another ‘yoga’ in another place, in another form, we do not know about that.

   In other side, it happened, the original Indian ‘yoga’ had been circulated by many ignorant in ugly form, in different places, in different times. For that reason, there is a wrong idea in many persons about Indian ‘yoga’.

   In India here, four type of yoga is practiced widely. (1)  The ‘hathh-yoga’– it is like a physical exercise, it is practiced for physical health mainly. (2) The ‘Raj-yoga’– meditation procedure, it is for mental health and physical health also. (3) 'Bhakti Yoga' ('Maha Sadhana')–it is devotion-yoga. (4) The ‘Maha Atma Vikash Yoga’ or briefly ‘Maha-yoga’(Maha Manan)– developed by Maha Anand, is a new form of ‘jnan-yoga’ (knowledge-yoga), including ‘Raj-yoga’– for self development with self realization and physical improvement, by knowing– who I am, from where I came and where to go.

    ‘yoga’ is not a game, not magic or tricks and artifices. It is a science based procedure. By studying and practicing it you may  develop your self easily. By depending on 'yoga’, specially ‘Maha Manan'---'Maha Yoga’ ( a self development program including ‘the art of better living’ and ‘pure meditation’ ) you will get more beautiful and happy life. To enjoy the life more nicely, for self realization and self development, to get a healthy and prosperous life, you will have to practice regularly.

    Our organization 'Maha Jnan Mandal' of ‘MAHA’ society is trying to make known the truth about your self, about yoga and the right path of self development.

I pray your cooperation, 




Know GOD from a true spiritual point of view! 

                                                                                    ––Manas Mandal

(briefly from ‘Maha Uddesh’ ––the main scripture of ‘Maha-Vad’) 

    God is the soul of the universe––The invisible total Mind of the Universe is the real God. All are aspects of this Total, including great beings called demi-gods. The whole system of creation is God manifested. It is the material aspect of God.


  The all-pervading Supreme Being (Brahma in Sanskrit) becomes a Form in the Universe thru His Own potency, which is just like a self hypnotic state. In fact, God in this limited Form is an illusive temporary Character. He then manifests the Great Illusion (‘Maha Maya’ in Sanskrit).


  There are two types of realities in the whole. One is matter and the other is anti-matter. As opposite-reflections they exist only because of their separation. We as beings live here in one universal reality, and in fact we also live in the other opposite universe, in an opposite form. This separation gives the reality its existence. And these two opposites are attracted to each-other. However, when these two realities unite, they’d both seize to be.


  One Universe is like the Male Principle, who is symbolically named ‘Krishna’, the great attractive Lover. The opposite Universe is like Female, which we can call ‘Radha’, the Goddess of Creation, and Krishna’s Lover. Always they are attracted to each-other and try to unite. This dynamic of loving attraction is the Cause of Creation.  When they unite they loose their separate identities. The Goal has been achieved. That is the end of illusions and illusive worlds. With the completion of the temporary dynamics there is Total Peace.


  Find out for yourself how to come to realize these realities. It is certainly a great adventure to find your self, your opposite and the Source. In the teachings of Maha-dharm you can find the Way to yourself and Source.



What is ‘OM’

                                                             --- J.P. Raychoudhuri 




  In the spiritual world in India, there, 'OM' is a weight full word, used in the beginning of hymn and ‘Mantra’ ( spell like words used in good purpose). ‘OM’ is the first sound and the seed of all sounds of the world. It came in to existence with the birth of the universe or the beginning of great creation. The great world is on motion from it’s birth and there is humming like a motor in motion. This humming is OM ,  in fact , there is three unite of dimension in the OM,  as O-U-M , ‘O’ is he (God) , ‘U’ is you , and ‘M’ is me / I . 

  ‘Om Shanti’ 




Mayame (illusive i )

                                      ––Madhuman Mahasheel

  Like a 3D animated character, made of ‘Maya’ software, i am also an animate ‘Maya’ character made of ‘Maha-Maya’( God, universe existence with universe mind ) –– worldly illusion. i am illusive existence –– ‘Mayame’ (Maya means illusion).

  That what i know –– it’s Maya, what i do or i can do it’s Maya, my thoughts, desires, intentions all are ‘Maya’.

  In delusive infatuated (or hypnotic) condition of worldly illusion, which world i make that is also ‘Maya’. Here in this world all but ‘Maya’.

  He, who had created me and this illusive world, was also in hypnotic trance –– in childhood of consciousness, when he had done these. He is also a ‘Maya’ character –– ‘Maha-Maya’( God, universe existence with universe mind ) –– a self hypnotic state of Supreme Being .  Though, now he has advanced far off being free from illusive trance –– hypnotic sleep, through evolution –– gradually blooming of consciousness, toward the ultimate goal –– the full of consciousness. This is the life.

  But his past work, abandoned creation dose not leave him, is following behind him, like me. i am also going forward progressively following his foot prints.

  With blindness of ignorance –– with sleeping consciousness, with often stumbling  on passing the unknown uneven path, covered with darkness, through troublesome –– distressful –– very painful course, the conscious an super conscious mind is awaking slowly from hypnotic sleep.

After completion the course, the mind and it’s consciousness –– it’s sense-organs will be bloomed fully.

After a intolerable hard journey, end of a thunder storm full bad night the glorious sun will be rise illuminated with full of knowledge –– full of consciousness, will begin a new delightful day.


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