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One day a devotee told me that he does not want anything, only want to serve God. Then I asked him, what type of servant you want to become, – efficient servant or inefficient servant? – Low category servant, far off servant, high category servant, servant very close to God, – very favourite dearest? Listening to me, he felt uneasy, looked at me with open mouth. I explained him with example, let’s take for example – a special rich person, – he has many servants within his home and outside and at his working place. Some one work in his garden, someone looks after his vehicles, someone cleans his home, or someone supplies water for his bath – someone serves the food, someone messages his legs – hands – body. And some servants are there, who help him at his working place. There are present several categories of servants. High category servants who understand his master’s demand, desires and dislike ness, they understand the mood of master, the working style of master – understand the purpose of work – they are very favourite servants of the master. And so, you want to become which category of these. That devotee replied instantly, I want to become high category – favourite servant. Then I said to him, at first you have to gain knowledge about God. You have to understand his world, his demand, his working style. Along with that, you have known your self, according to your qualities and tendencies; you have to be fit for any of his special work or service. Like an inefficient servant, if you supply salt instead of lime, when asked for, he will surely not love you. So the first is, you know him and know your self, then become his fit servant.


Love for God


    Real love develops between equals. A person of high category – the others person of low category, a person of high caste – the other of low caste, in that case, due to blind emotion, love may develop but does not achieve permanency. Or one way or one sided love may develop, but that does not lead to development of proper love relation. Love should be between equals. Those who love God or want to love God, or engrossed in love for God, it is applicable for them too. If you want to develop sweet love relation with God, first you have to know God in his true form and identity. If you have loved some imaginary form of God, then when you will know the real form of God in future, yours love’s base may shake. It may seem that soil is moving away from below your feet. And like mad, if you can remain engrossed with your imaginary God, if you do not expect any answer – any return from your real God, then you can remain happy surely. But that will be like one sided or false love or love of a penniless for the riches child. If you really want to love God, then after knowing the real form of God, you have to upgrade and prove fit, close to the stage of God.

                  For that, you have to pray whole heartedly to God so that you may become fit for his love. This is ‘Maha Sadhana’. Do not possess this idea that God loves his whole creation and loves equally. In past days, God has created many such things, which was not up to his full satisfaction and he has destroyed all of them. As you like the good thing more, God is also the same. So you have to be good at first, so that along with others, God also can not remain without loving you. So pray to God, for attaining knowledge – consciousness, pray for to be positive, and along with that make efforts to achieve them. By seeing your efforts and hearing your prayers and being happy, if he loves you, eager to get your love, then on one side as he will help you to step up (develop), make you develop, similarly on other side, he will step down a lots. As a result equality will be created between both, closeness will be created and deep love relation will then develop.


The person, who is in middle


    Those who are not real Devotion Yogi or knowledge Yogi – or neither atheist, mixture natured persons – they are in every thing – everywhere. In the world, their numbers are more, they are in the middle. Some times theist – some times atheist, some times loveless – heartless, some times like high rolling waves in love of instinct. They have feet on both boats (side). Always unsteady – hesitated – full of contrariety – opposites. They partly believe in luck also – again relies on manliness partly. The depend on previous birth’s ‘Karmafal’ (consequence of one’s actions) but they do not have any clear idea of previous birth, next birth or rebirth. Pray to God but do not depend on God. They are God loving, but still, they spend their days with reasoning – argument – judgement minute details of scriptures, with the pride of scholarship – pedantry. Their love is selfish love. They love or show love to gain something. They are devoted due to fear. They are people, full of differences, not equable, not of equal feeling. They are very Emotional and fond of small rumours. They calculate and proceed but do not know proper calculations. Proud person – thinks own self-great. More than love and devotion, they are interested of scriptures (but superficially) ceremonial activities, festival – gorgeousness – rules – principles – superstitions – they are more interested of all these things. Jealousy, hatred, impatience, suspiciousness, mistrust, pride, sex, anger, greed, selfishness etc. are always active in them. Many of these think themselves to be ‘Knowledge Yogi’, but lack of real knowledge, not having any right conception about world and own self, their conscious mind is not sufficiently active, and they behave like un knowledgeable person. Though being full of superstitions, they say, they are non-superstitious. They, not only deceive others, but also deceive themselves. Self-deceiving innocence, persons having partly knowledge are problem in the world.



Teachings of MahaAnand  


v        When your reaction is good or bad, for any others behaviour – its means, you feel that person, to be one like you, feel similar to you. You are give sufficient importance to him / her and you also expect equal or more importance from him / her. If someone’s happiness touches you, if the happiness is resonant in your mind, feel empathetic, then his sadness – his anti behaviour, will surely create negative reaction, sadness – hardship, anger – dissatisfaction, in your mind. Generally it is not possible that, people behaviour will only have good effect – only be happy – be joyful, will never be sad – will never have negative effect. If you are happy, you have to be sad also. Only a change can be brought to mind, with special programming. That also, not for all persons. If a person always remains the same at other’s good or bad behaviour, express good feeling, then either s / he is indifferent minded or programmed minded or s / he is of unusual minded person.


Maintain the distance while loving


    Love every one – love from the heart, but as a self protection, you should have necessary consciousness – awareness. Remember, if you are not cautious – your teeth may bite your tongue. The human beings, who are high level eternal lover, for them it is independent. They are even able to control the wild animals with their love. But, those who do not have that capacity, they have to be cautious, should love others with maintaining enough distance. Many of you, may consider this good quality, to be weakness, and will try to take the advantage of that weakness. So you should not be in calculative in cases of common public. You have to be little calculative, there. The best is, you similar religious / attributive persons meet at a special place (meeting centre), at special time and enjoy, practise ‘Maha Sadhana’. Transaction feelings – will take place there. At the end of time, again return to world of common peoples. Besides this, you all can make a community and live everyone together. Just like a field of Ascetics – which will be your field – secure place with this purpose. MAHA wants to build special hermitage for you all – ‘Maha Ananda Mandal’ (world of great joy and happiness). Keep in mind; you will not be able to drag every person in your group. Do not expect that, beyond your selected protected area, you will get good behaviour in every place. If you feel, you will try to change all persons, then it should be understood that, you have lack of common sense. As a result you can fall into danger. By means of publicity, those, whom you get of same mentality, with them, you will build your world. Do not give an eye, ear to outside common people’s laugh – ignorance – insult. You will be giving a lesson on your life style, how you will control your mind, how you will attain happy – joyful life.  


Teachings of MahaAnand


         For a person who is fully physically and mentally healthy, only that person can remain always happy. So care should be taken to keep physically and mentally health.


      How you are taking this world and its happenings, on that depends your condition – whether you remain good or not etc. depends lots.


        Though this world is not everlasting, find out, ever in these also, you will find some regularity – eternity and truth, if you are able to take shelter of that you will get the meet of immortality.



Unveiling:  Mystery of yoga


    Yoga,  Yoga means union or unite. Like ‘one’ and ‘one’ equal to ‘two’. But in higher level of yoga, there is ‘one’ and ‘one’ equal to ‘one’, being single by mixed up. In practical yoga, ‘yoga’ term is used as a way or process or procedure of being united. It happens according the demand of individual, such as, union of mind and body, union of conscious mind and sub conscious mind, union of one’s mind and another’s mind, union of individual’s mind and God mind. An active effort to fulfill one’s demand through yoga procedure is called yoga practice and worship. The internal truth is disclosed to a ‘yogi’ I mean yoga performer, when it happens the right union between ‘yogi’ and his subject. An yogi also get the control on his subject of yoga. There is the success of yoga.



Sadness– Hardship & free from them


    This is true that, this great World System is not good for all living things, not suitable.  But still I will say those who can accept this system, heartily can surrender himself/herself completely to this system, and can live nicely to greater extent. And this is also correct that, this worldly system does not want us to accept it completely, to surrender completely to it. Its main purpose is to give us sadness – hardship – pain. If you can accept happily with the head bowed, the sadness – hardship – pains of this heartless – cruel system, then only, you can live well to a great extent (if you want to know, what type is this greatly system, & why it want to give us sadness – hardship – pain, –you have to read our main religious scripture – Maha Uddesh ).

    Two category people accept this system, the first is, true followers of Knowledge Yoga– those who with the purpose of gaining true Knowledge, with the purpose to know the true form of this great worldly system, undergoes great sadness – hardship – pain – travels along road, after attaining true knowledge, realises that – there is no other way, than accepting this system, creatures have no independent role, s/he is only a part of this system (due to independent feeling s/he may feel –s/he is simply a puppet of this system ) then, they accept it, without finding other alternative. If a person reaches more higher stage of Knowledge-Yoga, then s/he becomes one in spirit.

     The other category, those who are followers of Devotion-Yoga, they do not want to know anything – understand anything.  They do not understand ‘system’; they only know their dearest, wholehearted praying God (in own desired form, in own way). They surrender themselves to God, they are free form all burdens. Along with accepting the God completely, they heartily and easily accept his all activities or miracles. In other way they accept this great worldly system. They feel, whatever God does – all for the good. Whatever way he keeps, they are satisfied with that. They feel that, God is Examining their devotion – respect – faith – depending ness by giving in this examination. So “how mach sadness you give, I will never be separated form your lotus feet”. If a person passes this exam, s/he cans gradually union with God.




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