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Maha Sadhana ( Bengali Version)

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Q . Who is called devotion yogi (those who want to communicate with God through devotion)?


A . The one who has completely surrendered his / her mind on God is the real devotion yogi. In whatever state the God keeps, s/he is happy in that only. In hundreds of unhappiness - hardship also s/he feels, the affectionate touch of kind goodly God. S/he feels, whatever God does is for the good. S/he says, “In my tiny intelligence, very less knowledge, I am unable to feel God’s work and his aim”.




Are you eternal lover? Are you having these qualities or do you want to acquire these qualities?


Cleanliness is the seat of true love and God. Eternal lover is the man of clean - sacred mind. He will take care to maintain cleanliness of his body - mind - environment. The person of eternal religion, God lover, world lover, eternal lover does not possess jealousy, anti - feeling against other religious, person. Eternal lovers do not look out for other’s faults. They consider the faults of people as desire of God or his miracle or thin king them to be human beings ignorance, look on them with pardoning eyes. He has no complained to God. He never gets irritated or angry on any cause, always satisfied. He thinks. “God is Auspicious, – whatever God does is all for the good, – with my tiny knowledge or ignorance, I am unable to justify God – everything is his will – whatever state he keeps me I am happy”. Easy simple lifestyle is liked by eternal lover. Argument, discrimination, justice, unkindness, selfishness, pride, Jealousy, hatred – none of these is symptoms of eternal love. Pure spontaneous love, unisexual selfless love is the characteristic of eternal lover. He likes, that’s why he loves, why love – what will happen on loving – all these eternal loves do not think. He seems to be a spontaneous immense source of transferred love. He is happy by loving; he does not want anything in exchange of love. Even he does not want love in exchange of love. Absolutely unisexual love is the symptom of eternal love. Loving life – loving world is his. In life of eternal lover storms, obstacles, unhappiness, hardship, natural calamity, hurts, may come as much as possible, at no cost he becomes abnormal, s/he is always peaceful, always in a happy state. The main asset of the eternal lover is his trust. On God – on human being firm trust on own self. S/he thinks, nobody can harm him unless God wants. Whatever happens is fully on the will of God. He does not blame anyone for anything, even he dose not blame own self. He thinks everything is wish of God; his own desires too are the desires of God. A category of devotion yogi thinks that, God wants well – as much good – all goods are gifts of God. Whatever wrong are, due to our faults – due to faults of human being, as you do, the same is the result. These are not eternal lovers. Many say of eternal love with pomp & show, but true eternal lovers are how many. Eternal love is not any rumours (that who lie or act, for them it is separate). It is the heart’s valuable riches. Many say it – blindness – emotion, deeply emotional (mad-like), tries to verify or underestimate it, that does not matter to the eternal lover. There are many stages amongst eternal lovers, amongst them of the main two categories, one is the simple human being, and in the other category is the very high human being whom we work ship as prophet – work ship with Godly. After attaining all knowledge becomes wise, after crossing the path of dull knowledge feeling every living being as one’s own self – those who have been completely self – forgotten in the universal love – they are the – high minded noble eternal lover.